Our group of experts at Dunnage Automotive perfectly understands the market needs, thus they offer textile solutions
for the packaging manufacturing.

PVC Coating Benefits

Better protection and care of parts. Better cleaning of packaging and parts. Longer packaging life cycle. Lower output in maintenance or repairs. Better space (SNP)100% compatibility with sewing processes


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We designed the AntiDust finish to eradicate dust problems in parts and components, protecting them from those particles. AntiDust complies with the following standards and test methods:


Top Coat

Our special Top Coat lacquering process-unique in Mexico offers an increase in the useful life of dunnage, by actively repelling dust, facilitating the cleaning and maintenance. It also provides an excellent additional protection against the attack of fungi and other microorganisms.

Allows the free sliding of the pieces avoiding polishing or scratching them. Does not become an abrasive material. Lower cost vs conventional materials

Top Coat


Developed for the returnable packaging segment for the electronics and automotive industries. Due to the composition and characteristics of this product, it doesn’t lose its ESD dissipative properties over time.

The dissipative finish complies with the following standards and test methods:

ANSI/ESD S541-2008

ESD Properties


Strong, flexible and adaptable synthetic material has proven to be the perfect solution for numerous tasks. Benefits include high protection of painted parts, maximize life of returnable packaging and improve efficiency in assembly.

Softek Tyvek

With PVC Coating benefits and DuPont™ technology use, we create a state of the art solution.

Maximum care and protection for Class “A”
parts. Eliminates imperfections in assembly Optimal finishes in final product. Higher productivity in the manufacture of packaging. Reduces waste & losses. More durable and economical packaging than other materials with Tyvek. Better cost-benefit ratio against the purchase of the two materials separately

Softek Tyvek

Softek Brush

With PVC Coating benefits and Non-Woven materials, we create a state-of-the-art solution.

Greater cycles are guaranteed with use.
Considering the natural wear of non-wovens, the integration to the PVC coated fabric was developed keeping in mind the worst handling, transfers and operations in extreme conditions. Ideal for protection of Class “A” parts. Materials specially designed for racks and solutions where weight tension and vibrations are key factors in the performance of the dunnage. Materials ready for applications in textile and rigid packaging (coroplast). Materials compatible with the other lines of Marina products.


Cortilona Antidust 131.6 m13 oz/yd2
Plastilona Antidust 18 plus1.6 m18 oz/yd2
Plastilona Coating 18 Mate1.6 m18 oz/yd2
Ripstop Antidust 18 RS1.6 m18 oz/yd2
Stark 111.6 m11 oz/yd2
Cortilona ESD Disipativa1.60 m13 oz/yd2

Base V Softek Dubetina1.55 m11 oz/yd2
Funda Softek Fascia1.37 m 5.75 oz/yd2
PVC Softek Dubetina 1C1.37 m8 oz/yd2
PVC Softek Oropal1.37 m6.5 oz/yd2
Softek Headliner1.47 m 4.8 oz/yd2
Softek Headliner Dubetina1.47 m 4.8 oz/yd2
Stark Softek Dubetina1.60 m14.6 oz/yd2
Stark Softek Headliner1.48 m 15.84 oz/yd2
Sticker Softek Dubetina1.56 m 6.05 oz/yd2
Sticker Softek Oropal145.5 m 6.05 oz/yd2
Sticker Softek polipropileno1.50 m 6.64 oz/yd2
Base NW Softek Dubetina1.47 m 6.5 oz/yd2
Stark Softek Tyvek 2462C1.45 m17 oz/yd2
Sticker Softek Tyvek 2462C145.5 m8.44 oz/yd2

Carpel Top Coat 191.60 m18 oz/yd2
Cortilona Top Coat 131.60 m13 oz/yd2
Plastilona Bicolor Top Coat 191.60 m19 oz/yd2
Tecnorbit Top Coat 221.60 m22 oz/yd2
Tyvek 1056D1.52 m-
Tyvek 1073D1.52 m-
Tyvek 1085D1.52 m-
Tyvek 1443R1.52 m-
Tyvek 2462C1.52 m -
Tyvek 2473L1.52 m-

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